Artists of all nations are encouraged to participate. The program is open to artists with a solid background in art and who attend regularly education courses at art schools and academies. Only artists who have been selected by the jury are allowed to exhibit.

Artistic Field

Works from the fields of: drawings, prints, paintings, sculptures, photographs as well as reworked photographs, installations and video art are allowed.


All submitted registrations / works are subject to a three-stage selection procedure. Only works that meet all criteria will be exhibited. Additional works by eligible artists can also be exhibited, after consultation with the jury.

Rights of the Organizing Committee

The OK reserves the right at any time to reject works or participants. There is no need to state reasons.

Presentation & Costs

See Terms and Conditions "Exhibition area, participation fee".


The prices of the exhibition pieces may be only given in CHF (Swiss francs).


Personal liability of the OK members is excluded. The OK accepts no liability for damage of any kind (for example: theft, fire, etc.).


Insurance coverage is the responsibility of the participants. The selling price and the insurance value of the submitted works must be identical.


The artists are responsible for transporting the artworks at their own expense.

Deliver and Set up

The delivery and exhibition of the works shall take place according to the time and location indicated by arte binningen. Delivery on other dates is not possible. Artworks must be hung or exhibited by the exhibitors themselves, in consultation with the jury.


The labeling of the artworks is to be done by the OK. Artists have to provide artworks with names, titles and selling prices and the OK creates the labels using that info, as sticker on the back (pictures) or below (sculptures etc.).


arte binningen has an uniformed fastening system which makes it available to all artists. This can be obtained at the appropriate time at the “Infostand”. Artists may use their own hanging system only with the permission of the OK.

Art Portfolio

Each stand is equipped with a folder (102 x 60 x 27 cm). No other objects may be placed on the ground.


Food and drinks are not allowed at the stand or in any of the exhibition space. The Comitato Arte & Cultura Binningen-Bottmingen runs an Arte-Café for artists and visitors.


arte binningen is entitled to reproduce the works for press and advertising purposes free of charge. Any copying or reproducing of exhibited works by unauthorized third parties in the exhibition is prohibited.

Tidy up / Pick up

The Finissage will take place on the last day at 13:30. The exhibition will be closed at 15:00. Only then can the artworks be taken down or packaged and removed. All artworks must be picked up by 16:00 at the latest. The OK accepts no liability.

Final agreement

By submitting his / her application and participation at arte binningen, the artist agrees to all conditions without reservation.







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